Friday, 3 October 2008

I thought i'd do my neice a nice sweet card to remind her she's still only seventeen and not seventy, sausage was a pet name we called her when she was a baby

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Welcome to Marie's Mess

Welcome to my Mess I do try to keep it ship shape but doesn't last long. I can't really do much on my blog as I am on dial up (can't get BB in the area I live in grrr)it takes so long to download or add links, then when I finally do add stuff I find they don't work, like the playlists and clock, so sorry but I'm sticking to the basics.

The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On
I was invited to the opening of an exhibition at the Liverpool Museum, The Beat Goes On is a history of music from Liverpool. A dress I wore when I was a dancer in a band was in the exhibition, so my sister and I went along and had a great night, met lots of peeps we hadn't seen for over 20 years, I took my camera but this is the only photograph that worked, this is taken in my living room, i did take two at the exhibition but they didnt work lol so now I am frantically texting the peeps we met and asking them to send their pics to me